Rubik's Cube Cheat Sheet (Solution #2)

This is a single page suitable for printing which contains the moves alone. It's meant as a reminder, not a full solution. For a full solution, see How to Solve the Rubik's Cube. Notation: U = Up, D = Down, F = Front, B = Back, L = Left, R = Right. CW = Clockwise, CCW = Counter-clockwise. X = Turn side X 90° CW, X' = Turn side X 90° CCW, X2 = Turn side X 180°. "Rotate" means to re-orient a piece, keeping its location. "Swap" means for two or more pieces to exchange places. "Move" means to change the location of one piece while disregarding what goes in its original location.

Step 1 -- U face edge pieces

Solve the four U face edge pieces.

Step 2 -- U face corner pieces

Solve three of the U face corner pieces.

Step 3 -- Middle edge pieces

Turn the cube upside-down and solve the UF, UL and UB pieces by swapping the BR piece with the appropriate edge piece.

Step 4 -- Solve remaining edge pieces

Step 5 -- Position corner pieces

This move swaps the UFL, DBR, and one other corner piece. These moves do the same thing but rotate the corner pieces in a different direction.

Step 6 -- Orient corner pieces correctly

This move rotates the UFL piece. Move must be done in pairs: one CW and one CCW rotation, operating at the same location.