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This page contains links to RSS and RDF feeds that I generate. Feel free to point your favorite news aggregator to one or more of them. I recommend a web-based tool such as Bloglines to view these and many more feeds.

In terms of content alone, there are five feeds that I generate: my blog, a screen scrape of the Wikipedia: Announcements page, a screen scrape of the Wikimedia News page, a screen scrape of the Wikipedia:Today's featured article page and a screen scrape of the Batter's Box site.

Mark's Blog

These are all generated automatically by b2evolution.

Wikipedia: Announcements

These feeds are experimental, and generated by a couple of perl scripts that I wrote. The LWP::UserAgent and XML::RSS modules were used, along with a lot of regular expressions to parse the text.

A warning note: these depend on publically-editable text. Therefore, these feeds will break sometimes. Since anyone can edit the text that will be scraped for this feed, it is possible that some objectionable content might be temporarily included in this feed. Normally, other Wikipedia users will revert offensive text, however this feed is automatically generated at fixed times throughout the day and so there is always the possibility that the content could have been vandalized at that moment. You have been warned.

Wikimedia News

I just pointed the code from the Wikipedia: Announcements page to the Wikimedia News page and it worked, since they are using the same format.

Wikipedia: Today's Featured Article

This was a fairly simple feed to make. A bit of copy-and-paste from the other Wikipedia feeds and some minor tweaks and it was working.

Batter's Box

I decided to make an RSS feed of one of my favorite web sites, Batter's Box, a discussion and news site about the Toronto Blue Jays. This feed is fairly new (February 21, 2004) so if you notice any problems with it be sure to let me know!

This was generated by recycling most of the same perl code as the Wikipedia: Announcements page. It was actually a lot easier to do since the HTML was very clean and class tags made it trivial to identify the parts of the document.


A few older notes on getting Greymatter to generate an RSS feed

I used to use Greymatter for my blog. I'm now using b2evolution, which I'm really happy with. Anyway, Greymatter does not come with a built-in RSS feed generator, so I created one using these instructions. Basically you just create a template file, make it a "connected" file (one which is updated automatically when you update your blog), and sprinkle in the appropriate Greymatter variables. This works quite well, although due to limitations in the templating software you can only include the last two blog entries in your RSS feed.

Other people have run into this problem as well and solved it using a variety of methods. Here's one solution that replaces one of the Greymatter files and here's one that is independent of Greymatter. I haven't actually tried either of these, but it looks like those both do the job.

Let me know if you notice a problem with any of these feeds at mark[at]jeays[dot]net.


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