Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Paramedic Mission Mini-Guide


This is a short guide to doing the Paramedic mission in GTA: Vice City.

The paramedic mission works as follows: you have to complete 12 levels of delivering patients to a hospital. For level 1, you deliver 1 patient, for level 2, you deliver 2 patients, etc. This makes for a total of 78 patients. You receive $50 times the level number squared after completing each level ($50 for level 1, $200 for level 2, etc.). For a successful run to level 12, you receive a total of $32500.

For every level, you start off with a certain amount of time, which appears to be a function of how far away the patients are from the hospital. Your ambulance can only hold 3 patients at a time. Whenever you pick up a patient, you get an increment added to your time allowed, which is equal to half of your initial amount of time allotted. The first time that you drop off 3 patients at once at the hospital, you get an additional increment, also equal to half of your initial amount of time allotted. You do not get an increment for subsequent groups dropped off. If you succeed, you get "Infinite Run", i.e. you do not get tired running.



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