Tips on "City Slicking"

A lot of new players to GTA:SA find City Slicking to be a very hard race, particularly if they are going for the gold medal, however some routes are better than others and choosing the best route can lead to times that are well under 100 seconds required for gold. You are driving a Super GT, which is a very fast car but the handling is very loose. It is exceptionally easy to spin out while turning.

Here is my route for the race, which I think leads to the best times. It is not a very reliable route as there is luck involved in pulling off a couple of jumps. The route is counter-clockwise, as indicated by the arrows.

The start of the route is difficult and requires luck to pull off, but it only takes about 10-12 seconds to try so it's easy to restart. The final 30-odd seconds of the race are an easy straightaway down the main road that goes past Wang's Autos and CJ's garage. You can drive in the middle of the road along the tram tracks to avoid cars from both directions.

Hang a right at the start of the race and then aim either to the left of the two adjacent trees in the grass.

The car will jump onto the train tracks. Often, you will spin out and need to restart the race. I find about 1/4 or so of the time you will land fairly cleanly, and without real damage. Sometimes the car looks a bit damaged but it does not count against you in the damage display at the end of the race. Now aim to jump just to the left of the building as I have lined up right here. Again, sometimes you will end up on two wheels, but a fair amount of the time you will land on four wheels with good momentum and no real damage.

From then on just race around the road following the waterfront route until you get to the checkpoint. Try to keep accelerating and get to the high speed when you start seeing the blur. Try to take a decent angle on the lone checkpoint so that you can go up that winding hill with good speed, but be careful not to spin out, since it can be a sharp turn if you do not prepare properly. Then cut through the grass at the top of the hill and take the straightaway back to the driving school.

Here's a screenshot of my record time so far. I think sub-80 seconds may be possible, but it'll take a near-flawless run. Click the image for full size.

If you have any suggestions or questions feel free to email me at gta [at] jeays [dot] net. I am not interested in any cheats or exploits for this, just clean racing.

Last updated June 19, 2007

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