Configuring Red Hat Linux 9 to work with a Tulip Ethernet Card and router


I recently installed Red Hat Linux 9, but had some considerable difficulty getting the PCI network card to work. I am writing this page partly as reminder of what was needed, in order to help me on my next reinstall, and partly in the hopes that it might help another newcomer to Linux.

Here are some assorted notes on configuration.


The network card shows up in several different ways. As far as I can tell, these all refer to the same thing.

Things to check

neat ("Network" tool in System Settings)


/sbin/ifconfig -a


This is the driver information. The tulip driver needed for this card comes with Red Hat Linux 9. It should contain the following (not requiring editing)

Error messages

I think at some point the on board network adapter and the PCI card were conflicting, causing the system not to be able to configure the PCI card. I'm still not sure exactly what caused the messages.

Other resources

These didn't necessarily prove to be all that helpful for me particularly, but might be in the future:

Other comments

I tried running kudzu under the GNOME windowing system, but it made everything go haywire. The windows wouldn't respond properly to mouse clicks and I had to reboot.

I tried breaking it after I got it working, to see if I could fix it again

This is not any sort of definitive guide, nor am I planning on adding substantially to this page. I probably won't know the answer to any other questions that you might have on this subject, but feel free to email me if you want, at mark[at]jeays[dot]net.

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